MBS Community Involvement:

Discover the Heart of MBS: Community Engagement

At Management Business Solutions (MBS), we don’t just work in the community; we actively contribute to its vibrancy and well-being. Our leadership and staff are deeply involved in various community initiatives, showcasing our commitment to making a positive impact beyond the workplace.

Diverse Engagement Channels:

MBS takes pride in the myriad ways we engage with the community. Our team members dedicate their time to volunteer service, participate in influential committees, and contribute their expertise by serving on boards of directors. This multifaceted approach reflects our belief in addressing community needs from different angles.

Fostering Meaningful Connections:

Community relationships are at the core of our values. We understand that a strong community is built on trust, collaboration, and mutual support. Through our active involvement, we aim to foster connections that go beyond business, creating a tapestry of relationships that enrich the lives of both individuals and the community as a whole.

Giving Back with Purpose:

At MBS, we recognize the importance of giving back. We go beyond traditional corporate responsibility by embracing a philosophy that encourages our team to contribute in any way possible. Whether it’s mentoring local talent, supporting charitable causes, or championing sustainable practices, we believe in making a difference through purposeful actions.

Join us as we continue to weave ourselves into the fabric of our community, embodying the spirit of collaboration and shared success. At MBS, community involvement is not just a commitment; it’s a way of life.

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MBS Partnership:


gbbAt Global Bridgebuilders we offer a portfolio of services and programs that measure, train and prepare your enterprise to release the full power of inclusion. With our portfolio you tap your best asset for success, your team.


The Employers’ Association is a not-for-profit association incorporated in 1939 to provide practical Human Resource Solutions to the West Michigan business community – many having business operations throughout the world. Viewing Human Resources as more of a risk management than a compliance profession, we help hundreds of companies maximize employee productivity and minimize employer liability while seeking operational excellence through practical human resources and management advice, training, benchmark information, and consulting services. MBS Provides a discounted staffing service to any member of the association.



Management Business Solutions is a member of the Top Echelon Elite Network of Recruiting Professionals. The Top Echelon Network is committed to helping recruiters deliver the best talent to their clients in the shortest amount of time possible. As a member of our recruiter network, we can tap into the candidate sourcing, client connections and expertise of recruiters located in the United States and Canada.


GRow1000 was launched in the summer of 2020 as a response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing racial injustices and economic disparities. City Manager Mark Washington called on business and community leaders to help mitigate these effects by employing 1,000 young people during the summer. The community stepped up to the challenge! In just a few weeks, over 350 youth were employed in more than 60 unique job sites that spanned area businesses, nonprofit organizations, higher education institutions and government. MBS provides pro bono resume, cover letter, and interview workshops to the participants in this GRow1000 program.