“MBS has overall made it easier and more pleasant for us to find suitable candidates to fill our vacancies, and they treated our search as if they were filling a role in their own office – with time and care. I never once felt like they were filling an order just to get someone in the position. As a valued partner, they have carefully listened to our individual needs upfront and found great candidates that fit the needs of the job. I very much appreciated their efforts to develop a pool of candidates unique to each position, and then follow up with those candidates after their interview to keep them engaged in the search. To me, it’s been valuable to have MBS as a partner in these searches over the years. It’s been a worthwhile investment!”

Miles J. Postema
Vice President and General Counsel
Ferris State University

“As the HR department for the City of Grand Rapids, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Management Business Solutions for temporary staffing services since 2015. Their commitment to providing quality personnel has been invaluable to our diverse departments. Throughout our collaboration, Management Business Solutions has consistently delivered top-tier candidates who seamlessly integrated into various departments. Their attention to detail and swift responsiveness have been commendable. Their ability to source candidates with the requisite skills and adaptability has been crucial, allowing us to fill temporary positions promptly and effectively. We highly recommend Management Business Solutions to any organization seeking reliable and efficient temporary staffing services. Their expertise and dedication have made a substantial difference in our ability to fulfill our departmental needs seamlessly.”

Michelle Eddie, MBA, PHR, IPMA-CP
Interim HR Director
City of Grand Rapids

“Wow! The direction and support that MBS provided was simply fantastic! I could not imagine having completed such a critical hire without their expertise. I know we hired the exact right person because of the MBS team. We will be using them for all our management level searches in the future.”

Dave Bulkowski
Executive Director
Disability Advocates of Kent County