Empowering Non-Profits: At Management Business Solutions (MBS), our foundation is built on the unwavering commitment to crafting staffing solutions that deliver high-quality candidates and consistent professional services to our clients. Recognizing the unique landscape of non-profit organizations, we understand that your needs and objectives differ from those of for-profit businesses. MBS is dedicated to designing customized staffing solutions tailored to the diverse requirements of your organization, providing practical, cost-effective employment solutions. By entrusting your staffing needs to us, you can focus on what you do best – your core mission.

Our track record in non-profit staffing and recruiting includes placing key roles such as the Executive Directors , VP of Fund Development, Chief Operating Officer, Grant Manager, Chief Financial Officer, and more. These experiences, coupled with our active community involvement, have solidified our understanding that non-profit organizations demand specialized expertise. Beyond requisite skills and experience, you require individuals with a genuine commitment to your mission, passion, and a deep sensitivity to the needs of your volunteers, benefactors, staff, and the community at large. Partner with MBS to empower your non-profit organization with staffing solutions that go beyond the ordinary.

What Can We Do For You?

  • Define and refine timelines and requirements
  • One key account manager, recruiter, and sourcer dedicated to the project 
  • Tailor solutions to fit within your budget
  • Craft and develop comprehensive job descriptions
  • Proactively develop pipelines, conduct thorough screening, and manage recruitment cycles
  • Efficiently receive, review, and shortlist resumes
  • Select and present pre-qualified, exceptional candidates
  • Develop and administer in-depth, tailored questionnaires for applicants
  • Conduct pre-screen and/or phone interviews with qualified candidates
  • Coordinate and schedule face-to-face interviews with you and/or your staff
  • Package screened candidates with detailed, customized recommendations
  • Implement targeted sourcing initiatives to identify top talent including diversity recruitment
  • Verify credentials through rigorous checks on previous employment, education, etc.
  • Conduct complete and thorough reference/background checks