MBS Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism:

At Management Business Solutions, Inc. (MBS), we proudly uphold a profound commitment to diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. We recognize, respect, and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives that define each individual within our organization, among our candidates, and across the clients we represent. Our belief is rooted in the understanding that our strength thrives on the diversity we embrace. We consider diversity and inclusion not just a philosophy but a driving force for excellence, actively seeking out diversity through participation, thought, and action. It is our unwavering aim that our owners, employees, community, and business partners not only reflect but wholeheartedly embrace these core values.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiative:

MBS is dedicated to fostering a positive impact on staffing and recruitment processes through its leadership in diversity and inclusion. We commit to supporting our employees, candidates, community partners, and business relationships by providing the best resources to cultivate excellence within three key categories:

  • Employee Support: Nurturing interns, employees, and team members through a positive work environment and a structure that encourages engagement and growth.
  • Primary Contributors: Collaborating with individuals, organizations, and corporations to gain insight and expertise on strategies related to diversity and inclusion initiatives, strengthening the impact and talent deliverables we provide.
  • Programs and Resources: Leveraging our business and personal relationships, along with community partnerships, to enhance diverse and inclusive representation. Our customized staffing solutions prioritize standards and best practices, career pipelines, and professional development.
  • MBS Anti-Racism & Discrimination Statement:

As a minority-owned and women-owned business, both inside and outside our office, we at MBS are steadfast in our commitment to supporting and leading inclusion with our candidates, clients, and communities. Founded on the principles of building organizations and cultures that maximize inclusion, as a company and as individuals, we stand in solidarity against systemic racism and oppression towards black people and other people of color.

While we may not all personally relate to or fully understand the struggles and injustices that black people endure, we acknowledge and affirm their reality. MBS refuses to remain silent about systemic racism and oppression. We actively promote diversity, access, and inclusion in the workplace, ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities. Our commitment extends beyond rhetoric to tangible actions that foster a culture of equality and empowerment within and beyond our organization.