1. First Impressions – First impressions are lasting ones. Your Account Manager will advise you of the level of professional dress required for the interview, however, a business suit, or a conservative, tastefully coordinated outfit is always a safe bet. Cologne or perfume is never recommended.
  2. The More You Know – Interview preparation can make the difference between a job offer and a rejection letter. Although your Account Manager will provide you with valuable information about each opportunity, we recommend that you research the perspective company on your own by visiting their web site, LinkedIn or public library. You will impress the employer with you knowledge and initiative.
  3. The Resume– Never leave home without it. Always take your resume with you to the interview, and keep in mind that a resume is not a substitute for an employment application. If you are asked to fill out an application, be gracious, accurate, and fill out thoroughly.
  4. The Ice Breaker – When meeting the employer, a smile, a firm handshake and direct eye contact demonstrates confidence and professionalism in what sometimes can be an awkward moment.
  5. Compound Interest – Your interest and enthusiasm is certain to generate the same in the employer and can lead to the next interview or possibly a job offer.
  6. Salary Savvy – Salary discussions should not be initiated by the candidate. Your Account Manager will act on your behalf to negotiate the best possible offer and will advise you of the range for each opportunity. When asked about your salary expectations, we recommend that you emphasize you interest in the opportunity and be open to hearing their best offer.
  7. The Second Interview – Never assume you have the job! Interview with as much enthusiasm and interest as if it were your first interview. Interview for the offer.
  8. The Counter Offer – Statistically, 80% of employees who accept counter offers from their current employers often resign or are terminated within six months. The reason? Employees are enticed to stay with money, and money is typically only one of the reasons that an employee is unhappy. A pay increase may only be a quick fix and staying for the money may lead to further disillusionment.
  9. Follow Up – The last impression is as important as the first impression. Follow up after the interview with a note thanking the employer for their time, and emphasize the positive contributions that you can make to their organization.
  10. Feedback – Your Account Manager will be anticipating your call after your interviews through Management Business Solutions. Make us your first call to give and get feedback and to determine the next step in the process. Your honest feedback and level of interest is very important, as it is our goal to make the most successful matches between you and our employer clients.